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Potato Icon Potatoes

new Dickeya Blackleg: New Potato Disease Causing Major Impact July 2016

Potato Fungicides (Labeled & Rates/A) as of July 2014pdf

Potato Fungicide Roster July 2013) pdf

2013 Potato Seed Piece Fungicides Arranged by Chemical Groups (April 2013)

Potato Disease Management Strategies for 2013 March 2013)

*Cornell*/Other Cultivars. used for NE production (May 2012) pdf

Pinkeye of Potato in 2011 (November, 2011) pdf

Potato Fungicide Roster and Ratings (in order of preference – Best to Poorest) with specific emphasis on the control of late blight (LB) September 2011 pdf

Brassicas as Biofumigants for Controlling Soilborne Organisms in Potato Production for Upstate New York and Northern Pennsylvania (August 2011) pdf

Listing of Conventional Potato Fungicides/ Nematicides/Combinations with Insecticide for Selected Diseases & Nematodes with Efficacy (posted June 2011)

Listing of OMRI and NYS Registered Potato Fungicides with Efficacy Comments (posted June 2011)

Potato Variety Culinary Use Guide(June 2011) pdf

Potato Cultural Guide (June 2011) pdf

Late Blight Fungicide Control Update for August 2010

Managing Late Blight in Organically Produced Potato (July 2010)

Keeping Late Blight in Your Rear View Mirror – Planning for 2010 – Commercial Potato Grower Version (March 2010) pdf

Potato Harvest and Storage (Aug 2009) pdf

Late Blight Occurrence and Management in Potatoes and Tomatoes in the Northeastern United States in 2009

News Article: Diagnosis, Biology, and Management of Root-Knot and Lesion Nematodes on Potato (March 2008)

News Article:Virus Problems of Potatoes (April , 2005)

News Article:Foliar Potato Fungicides for Disease Control in 2004

News Article:Late Blight Concerns for Potatoes In 2003

News Article: Potato Seed Piece and In-Furrow Treatments for 2004

News Article: Effects of Crop Rotation, Potato Seed Piece Treatments, and Foliar Fungicide Sprays – They All Contributed to the Final Story in 2002 (April 21, 2003)

News Article:Potato Seed Piece and In-Furrow Treatments – More Choices in 2003 and In The Future (March 2003)

See our "SPINNING SPUDS" PAGE!! See 3 dimensional views of Black Dot, Black Scurf and Silver Scurf.(July 3, 2003)

News Article: Update on Pink Rot and Pythium Leak Control for Potatoes (June 2002)

News Article: Lessons Learned from a Stressful 2001 Potato Season (Issued 5-15-02)

News Article: Potato Disease Management (issued 4-20-01)

Black Dot Disease of Potatoes 153VCFS725.70 (1989)

Detection of Potato Tuber Diseases & Defects 153IB205 (1986)

Fusarium Dry Rot of Potato 102VCFS726.10 (1993)

Potato Early Blight 102GFS725.60 (1984)

Late Blight of Potatoes and Tomatoes FS726.20 (1998)

Potato Late Blight 102GFS725.40 (1983)

*See Also the news article Late Blight Control: What are the Options? June 14, 2000
*See Also the news article Late Blight Control: An Update (Reissued July 26,2000)

Pink Eye (or Brown Eye)153VCFS725.00 (1978)

Rhizoctonia Disease of Potato 102VCFS726.00 (1993)

Potato Scab 153VCFS725.80 (1991)

Silver Scurf of Potato 153VCFS725.90 (1991)

Virus and Viroid Diseases of Potato 153VCFS725.50 (1984)

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