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Pepper Icon Pepper

Bacterial Spot of Pepper 153VCFS736.10 (1985)

*See Also the news article Managing Bacterial Leaf Spot in Pepper (October 31, 2000)

Phytophthora Blight of Pepper and OtherVegetables 153VCFS736.20 (1989)

Virus Diseases of Pepper 153VCFS736.00 (1984)

Pepper News Articles

new Eggplant, Pepper, Tomato Fungicides (Labeled & Rates/A) (July 2014) pdf

new Eggplant, Pepper, Tomato Fungicide Roster Only (November 2013)pdf

2011 Tomato, Eggplant, Pepper Fungicide Roster and Ratings with specific emphasis on the control of late blight(LB), as well as Early Blight (EB), and Septoria leaf spot September 2011 pdf

Pepper Disease Control -It Starts with the Seed (April 2004)

Snap Bean —A New Host for Phytophthora Blight to Further Challenge Management (June 2004)

"Pest and Disease Identification and Control for Chiles and Peppers (PDF document in ESPANOL) :Plagas Y Enfermedades de Chiles y Pimientos Guia de Identificacion Y Manejo (March 2004)
Thank you to Meister Media Worldwide (www.hortalizas.com) for the use of this document

Powdery Mildew of Pepper — A New Disease to Keep an Eye out for in the Northeast (May, 2001)