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Bean Icon Beans

Bean Anthracnose (1988)

Bacterial Blights of Beans (1979)

Bacterial Diseases of Beans (1991)

**Also see the news article Why Bacterial Brown Spot Was Severe in Snap Beans in 2001 Plus Guidelines for 2002 (Feb, 2002)

Fusarium Dry Root Rot of Beans (1979)

Virus Diseases of Snap and Dry Beans (1984)

White Mold of Beans in New York (1979)

Also see the news articles

Phytophthora Blight on Beans (July 2010)

Phytophthora  Blight  Affects  Snap  Bean  On  Long Island, NY (June 2009)

Snap Bean —A New Host for Phytophthora Blight to Further Challenge Management (June 2004)

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