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Welcome to the Cornell Plant Pathology Vegetable

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26th Annual Tomato Disease Workshop

October 11-13, 2011 in Ithaca, New York

Disease Web Page. Vegetable MD Online was developed to provide access to the many Vegetable Disease Fact Sheets produced over the years by Media Services at Cornell. The addition of color photographs enhances the use of these sheets for plant disease diagnosis.

Navigating through this web site is very easy. By clicking on Diseases by Crops on the sidebar, seed packets of your favorite vegetables appear, and by clicking on the crop of interest, a listing of the current fact sheets available is displayed. Magnification of the photos provided in each sheet is possible.

A link is also provided to the Photo Gallery, which provides additional photographs not appearing in the original fact sheet. This will be updated on a regular basis, as the "typical symptoms" may not always appear every season.

Information in this site is in a constant state of change. Thus reference to the News Articles/Disease Alerts will highlight recent changes in disease management guidelines and options, and also provide news items suitable for newsletter articles intended for Extension Educator's Service Letters.

Finally, additional links to other useful sites are provided, including the Glossary, an On-line Glossary of Technical Terms in Plant Pathology and to the Commercial Vegetable Guidelines.

Pest & Disease Guides in SpanishChili: Espanol symbol

NEW"Pest and Disease Identification and Control for Tomatoes". Plagas Y Enfermedades del tomate Guia de Identificacion y Manejo.(PDF document in ESPANOL) (March 2006)

NEW"Pest and Disease Identification and Control for Cucurbits"( Plagas Y Enfermedades de cucurbit‡ceas)(PDF document in ESPANOL)
"Pest and Disease Identification and Control for Chiles and Peppers (PDF document in ESPANOL) :Plagas Y Enfermedades de Chiles y Pimientos Guia de Identificacion Y Manejo (March 2004)
Thank you to Meister Media Worldwide (www.hortalizas.com) for the use of these documents above.
Other documents in Spanish available on our web site include:
Chili: Espanol symbol Guía sinóptica para hoja de tomate
Chili: Espanol symbol En Los Tuneles Altos, Las Enfermedades Son Lo Que Uds Hacen De Ellas (Mayo, 2004) en Espanol
Chili: Espanol symbol Problemas De Virus En Papa (Abril, 2005)(en Espanol)

April 9, 2009 - Launch of the new Herbs Section

December 7, 2005—See our "SPINNING SQUASH" Page!! See a 3 dimensional view of edema on winter squash

October 29, 2003 —See our "SPINNING TOMATOES" Page!! See a 3 dimensional view of late blight on tomatoes.

July 3, 2003 —See our new "SPINNING SPUDS" PAGE!! See 3 dimensional views of Black Dot, Black Scurf and Silver Scurf

These spinning photos were created by our department photographer Kent Loeffler. See the Plant Pathology Photo Lab web site for more details.

Vegetable MD Online has the distinction of being highlighted in the Featured Collection for the May 2002 issue of D-Lib Magazine. This is a monthly web based magazine about innovation and research in digital libraries and is produced by the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI), and is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF)

Educational Award ImageWe are proud to announce that the Vegetable MD Online web site has been selected by AmericanUniversity.NetĘ Expert Researchers as one of the best educational resources on the World Wide Web.

Please note
the disclaimer at the bottom of the page. Pesticide registrations change over time, and mention of fungicides in older fact sheets does not imply that they are legal today.

Cornell University Plant Pathology Department

Disclaimer: Please read the pesticide label prior to use. The information contained at this web site is not a substitute for a pesticide label. Trade names used herein are for convenience only. No endorsement of products is intended, nor is criticism of unnamed products implied.